We are Venom —

We are a documentary production company dedicated to creating films that resonate through their humanity and purpose. We push boundaries and strive for excellence, crafting captivating documentaries that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Based in Dublin, Venom stands as a pioneer in Irish cinema, recognised for our exceptional creative documentaries that have received numerous accolades and awards. Since our establishment in 2006 by filmmakers Andrew Freedman and Ken Wardrop, Venom has remained committed to nurturing and empowering talented filmmakers, enabling them to share their extraordinary stories with the world.

Our films have garnered international acclaim, including the prestigious European Film Academy award-winning 'Undressing My Mother' and the Sundance-winning 'His & Hers.’ Other titles have been featured at renowned film festivals such as Telluride, SXSW, Berlin, and Toronto.

We also take great pride in successful co-productions, including collaborations on notable projects like Michael Madsen's 'The Visit' and Ross Whitaker's 'Katie.'